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Ultrasonic Welder

Warden Plastics has extended the range of services it offers to customers with the installation of ultrasonic welding capabilities at its production facility. The investment enables the company to offer both injection moulding and ultrasonic welding from a single supplier.

The ultrasonic welder has exceptional programming flexibility to enable the very widest variety of jobs to be rapidly set-up with minimum changeover times between runs. Extremely tight control over production parameters enables the weld settings to be accurately adjusted to suit the specific demands of individual thermoplastic materials.

Mark Barrett, managing director of Warden Plastics, said, "A number of our customers require welding processes to be carried out after injection moulding. Prior to our investment in new technology our customer had to transport the injection moulded products by road to another supplier. Today, however, we can carry out both production processes in-house and cut days out of the overall lead time. In addition, we can lighten the administrative load for customers by providing both operations from a single source, and with half the paperwork."