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With 50 years' experience, Warden Plastics offers fast, responsive supply of both flexible and rigid plastic extrusions. We manufacture items such as tubes, rods, channels, profiles, angles, flexible barbed edging and window sections, including extrusions of dual hardness or dual-colour. Warden Plastics is one of the largest suppliers of construction work barriers in the UK.

All our procedures are accredited and audited to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Our investment in production technology and our flexible approach to work scheduling means we can offer consistently competitive pricing.

Capabilities for tube / rod products

We can manufacture a wide selection of products ranging from 0.9mm diameter filament to extrusions up to a maximum of 50mm in diameter. Extra downstream equipment is utilised to manufacture extrusions at the higher end of this diameter range.

Capabilities for flat extruded material

We can extrude material between the ranges of 0.5mm minimum wall thickness and 150mm maximum width.


We can work from CAD files supplied using the latest AutoCAD packages or, if required, we have the capability to lay down CAD drawings to customer specifications. Customers can choose from a very wide range of colours and finishes to suit their requirements. Colour swatches available on request.


We hold over 100 existing tools and we have our own fully-equipped tool room where we repair, maintain and improve tools.


Our extrusion facility features five separate extrusion lines supplemented by specialist technology for laminating, embossing, printing, punching and cropping. Extrusion machines are equipped with an upstroke saw with servo motor which provides faster throughput of finished extrusions with the capability of working within even tighter tolerances.