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Warden Group

Warden Group

Established since 1957, Warden has always been at the forefront of plastic injection-moulding and extrusion, serving a diverse range of industries. Warden's initial area of activity was the chipping and selling of regranulated plastics, but it soon expanded its operations to include the design and production of plastic extrusions.

Warden Plastics

Since the early 1970's Warden has diversified further, with the establishment of Warden Plastics, to offer customers injection moulded and extruded products from a single source.

Today Warden Plastics serves a wide range of customers in diverse industry sectors, from automotive and medical applications, to the electrical electronics, road construction, vending dispensing and point of sale industries. Warden Plastics combines stability and extensive experience with advanced technology and on-going investment in production capability.

We provide customers with responsive, flexible and reliable supply of extruded and moulded products with a determination at all times to meet the targets of:

  • Optimum quality.
  • Competitive cost.
  • On-time delivery.

We constantly achieve exceptional customer satisfaction through the innovative development of products, processes and people. Our belief in precision and aesthetics means that we are perfectly placed to meet the demands of our customers and their markets.

Warden has a Quality Management System certified by AJA Registrars Quality Assurance as conforming to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Our quality management system allows us to concentrate on error prevention by investigating processes, identifying errors and opportunities for errors and implementing corrective and preventative action.

Warden Biomedia

In early 80's Amity & Co. became part of the Warden Group enabling Warden to manufacture and market their Biomedia range used in the wastewater treatment industry.

Warden Biomedia specialises in the research and development of random filter media for aeration and biological treatment plants. With the philosophy of increased surface area, the eco-friendly biological filter media are injection-moulded in recycled polypropylene with specific design features to increase the efficiency of the effluent treatment process.