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Mission Statement
Warden Group


At Warden, we believe in sustainability, and we support initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. Complying with environmental legislation is obviously fundamental, but where we believe it right, we strive to go beyond compliance with legislation.

We are determined that our own environmental impact is minimised and that we have a beneficial impact upon the environmental impact of our customers' products. We try to ensure that, in all of the processes we use, we produce our finished goods with the minimum impact upon the environment. We are constantly seeking new, more efficient methods of working, and try to reduce our carbon footprint at all opportunities.

We use energy efficient light bulbs and timers wherever possible, Autoswitch on /off systems, PowerBoss phase correction, heat insulation of presses, and shredding for packing to name but a few.

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Policy

We strive to promote the health and safety of all our employees through awareness and training, sound operating procedures, setting of high standards for well-maintained facilities and equipment, and by rigorous monitoring of our performance with the aim of eliminating any personal injuries in our work place.

In order to comply with the HSSE Policy we will:

  • Promote and drive a strong, positive safety and environmental culture.
  • Place high priority on HSSE considerations in managing our business.
  • Encourage and support reporting of near misses and incidents as well as positive intervention in unsafe or non-compliant activities.
  • Act expediently on all relevant HSSE learning's always observing "constant care".
  • Recognise special efforts and milestones in support of our drive towards HSSE excellence.
  • Foster continuous improvement of our HSSE performance by establishing HSSE objectives and targets and promoting best practices.
  • Manage our HSSE risks systematically.
  • Share our HSSE experiences - good or bad - with our employees and relevant parties.
  • Conduct our activities to meet or exceed all applicable HSSE laws, regulations and standards.

We encourage our employees to freely report ways and means that improve overall safety performance.

The Warden Group is committed to the protection of the environment and places high priority on environmental considerations in managing its business.