Concept to completion with over 60 years experience

Warden expertise has a reputation for successfully developing and manufacturing products for its customers in a wide range of markets.


Warden Plastics has vast expertise in the defence market and is able to provide detailed and highly technical solutions on a large scale, offering fast, cost-competitive and flexible supply of a wide range of plastic moulded and extruded items.


We are experts in plastic extrusion and moulding, but our service goes way beyond manufacture alone. We regularly weld components together, or assemble complete products from kits of parts.

We can do this because we have highly flexible manufacturing systems and are self-sufficient in repairing, maintaining and improving mould tools, using our own fully-equipped tool room. Our capabilities in both moulding and extrusion are extensive.

Handle for a detector used in the defence industry.


Warden Plastics holds ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and is externally audited to ensure continued high quality. We employ techniques such as Statistical Process Control to monitor and ensure quality in manufacture enabling us to offer you high quality at competitive prices.


If you've got an idea for a new product, why not get your designers to work with us to achieve a better product at a lower price. Our Design for Manufacturing service means you can build in maximum productivity and minimum waste at the design stage of new products.

If you have an existing product and want to explore design re-engineering possibilities, our Cost Reduction System can help identify ways of manufacturing more effectively to harness reductions in cost and improved profitability.


We offer short lead times and have the flexibility to provide fast turnround times even where the batch size is relatively small. We can also help your logistics by holding strategic stock levels. Just phone through or email your order.

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