Concept to completion with over 60 years experience

Every tool build is monitored directly by a dedicated tooling engineer.


Our tooling department manages several hundred tools, working closely with established tooling partners to ensure that our high standards and company-specific tooling specifications are consistently met. Every tool build is monitored directly by a dedicated tooling engineer who has an in-depth understanding of the tool construction, manufacturing processes and timeframes involved.

Plastic injection moulding and extrusion tooling stored at Warden Plastics.

All tooling manufactured by our partners is managed in-house in accordance with our specifications. Working closely with our production and design teams our tool making experts do not approve the mould until they are sure of optimum performance.

Whilst being passionate supporters of UK manufacturing, our first priority is to give our customers the very best overall service. As a vital element of the creation process, Warden Plastics has developed a long standing network of specialist tooling suppliers in UK. Each has been selected for their specific skills and experience in our customers' products and markets. We can also offer the option of offshore tool-making if it is felt to be more appropriate.

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