Concept to completion with over 60 years experience

Warden Plastics was formed by William J. Crump (Bill) in Luton in 1957.


Bill spent time as an electrical contractor working for a number of plastic companies including: Hygrade Plastics, Meldrum Thermoplastics, Shakespear Plastics, and Thermoplastics (known today as Ecomold or Linpac).

He picked up sub-contract work from Hygrade Plastics by covering metal chair legs in plastic tube and cutting handles from rolls of extrusion.

This work was carried out in the cellar of his house at 30 Cromwell Road, Luton assisted by his children Brenda, Peter, & Alec.

Warden Plastics first extrusion machine in black and white.

Bill formed Plasticut Ltd to sort and granulate offcuts of plastic sheeting for recycling and to supply Hygrade Plastics with material which they in turn extruded. However this did not give a very good return.

To improve profitability on 21st June 1957, Warden Plastics was formed at 34 Cromwell Road, Luton with the first extruder to extrude regranulated plastic from Plasticut Ltd.

Original shareholders were all family members, namely William J. Crump (Managing Director), Mrs Brenda Grummitt (Secretary) & her husband Mr Fred Grummitt (Production Manager).


The company moved into old farm buildings at Moat Farm, Luton; site of the Moat House restaurant with Fred Grummit as Extrusion Manager. The company had two extruders.


Peter Crump joined the company as Works Manager. The company increased to four extruders.


Luton Council issued a compulsory purchase order on the farm which encouraged the company to move to a brand-new factory at No. 6 Caleb Close with co-tenants Piece Parts & Assemblies. By this time, the company had two moulders & five extruders.

One of Warden Plastics original injection moulding machines in use.

Piece Parts & Assemblies went into liquidation. William J. Crump died and control was handed over to his son Peter with Brenda looking after wages and Fred running extrusion. The company now had four moulders & six extruders.

Burgess Engineering took tenancy of the space formerly occupied by Piece Parts & Assemblies. Hilmax Engineering took tenancy of part of No. 6 Caleb Close.


Alec Crump came to work for the company and very soon took over the moulding department.

Some of the first Warden Plastics employees.

Burgess Engineering moved out.


Hilmax Engineering moved out and Warden Plastics took over No.4 Caleb Close and subsequently took tenancy in part of No. 5 Caleb Close.

Warden employee operating a plastic extrusion machine.

Warden Plastics bought out S. A. Hawkes Engineering and took over No 8 Caleb Close. The company increased its capability to eight moulders & eight extruders.


Luton Heat Treatment transferred the lease of No. 7 Caleb Close to Warden Plastics and subsequently No. 4 and 5 Caleb Close were vacated, leaving a consolidated factory of three units 6,7 & 8 Caleb Close.


Paul Crump joined the company as Extrusion Manager.


Denise Piper (née Crump) joined the company as the Accountant.

Mark Barrett became Managing Director & Peter Crump retired.

Mark Barrett became Managing Director & Peter Crump retired. Mark had been in the plastics business for twenty years serving an engineering apprenticeship at Thermoplastics (Linpac). The company expanded further to seventeen moulders and eleven extruders.


Warden Plastics celebrates 50 years.


The company moves to its current premises in Dencora Way, Sundon Park from Caleb Close.


Major investment in IT infrastructure is made for modernisation purposes and to help the company to continue its growth.


Warden begins its partnership with Cranfield University which helps research for the Warden Biomedia range.


Further Investment is made in moulding machinery and new equipment is purchased to improve efficiency and reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.


Two new Davis Standard extrusion lines are added to improve Warden Plastic’s manufacturing capabilities.


Warden starts its partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group, part of the University of Warwick, providing research, education and knowledge transfer. It also celebrated 60 years in business.